It sounded like such a simple task -- “Let’s remodel the 2nd floor guest bath.”  We all agreed the dingy, dark green tile had seen better days.  But little did we know the adventures that awaited us.
The New 2nd Floor Bathroom
Where did that medicine chest go?
A good look at the old wall and floor tile
Let the destruction begin!
Our house is built like a tank!
Only 3 more walls to go!
Good thing I am wearing a dust mask!
Just one of many trash bags filled with plaster!
You can’t even see the floor at this point
The destruction part of the job is almost over.
New floor is down, plumbing and electrical are roughed in
Insulation in the walls -- a new idea!
A new ceiling
Attaching the drywall
He almost looks professional!
Finally ready to tile
Grouting the floor
Slowly making our way up the subway wall.
The answer to sagging tiles -- masking tape.
It almost looks like art!
The end is in sight now.
Time to grout the walls.
A typical scene out in the hall.
Installing the shower head.
The finished bathroom!
A look at the tile
And check-out the skylight.
Looking back out the window
The view from the corner of the shower.
And here’s the view from above the entrance door.
No room for towel bars, so we have hooks instead
The built-in shampoo shelf.
Jennifer decided to add the circle tile accent the last week
Another view of the skylight
The single pull faucet
With no wall for a mirror, this pul-out version works great.